Government Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") Services

Point of Contact: Mr Twang Kern Zern
Tel: 65971820

Alternative dispute resolution has been a fact of legal practice for many years already. Current legal thought leadership emphasise that disputes between parties should not be resolved only by the Judges and the Courts. The momentum is towards a legal system where alternatives to the Courts are available and this initiative is to develop Arbitration and Mediation in very major ways. The current Singapore Legal system is moving and making large strides in the area of alternative dispute resolution and the Lawyers at Central Chambers have been moving in tandem. Our Lawyers are involved in Arbitration, mediation or areas of Court initiated resolutions to dispute in non - confrontational ways.

In the world of commercial and other disputes, it is important to realise that parties themselves can guide the solutions and legal results that they want by alternative dispute resolution - something not possible at trials where decisions are made by the Courts. Our legal practitioners have assisted parties in Arbitrations, Mediations and other similar initiatives in order to achieve alternative resolutions of disputes. They will be happy to meet up to discuss these with you at your request.